There Are Things Known, and Things Unknown, and In Between Are the Doors
Jim Morrison

New Technologies

We’re all in this together!

The last time has proved demanding for each of us. Stress caused by uncertainty, fear for our and our loved ones’ security, disinformation or chaos associated with depressing news from everywhere. Although we are separated from the next stage of thawing the economy, which is a great unknown in the air, you can already feel the spring – the ice will soon begin to melt.

Twoje kalendarium 2020 – część I

Stworzone przez nas zestawienie wydarzeń branżowych budzących zainteresowanie zarówno wobec Seniorów jak i hobbystów. My pokazujemy Ci możliwości, Ty decydujesz, gdzie się pojawisz.

You simply rock! We only suggest how to achieve that.

Have you ever had a dream, that made you want to turn your whole life upside down? A vision of you being the Lord of your fate … or at least of your business. A dream of your product turning out to be revolutionary, and you – enjoying the luxury life till the day you die. A dawn came and it brought the conviction, that this vision is not detached from reality at all. After all, we both know, that you deserve great success and more delicious coffee than the one served in your office!

new.doors starts cooperation with Billennium.

new.doors has established cooperation with Billennium, a Polish company providing innovative business solutions in the IT sector.

new.doors starts cooperation with BlueSoft

new.doors has signed the agreement with the BlueSoft, an innovative software house consisting of 650 consultants working for more than 80 Clients around the globe.

Becoming a Master of Agility

Agile transformations have been the dominant trend in the IT industry for a few good years, and according to some, considered as a necessity. The purpose of implementing Agile to the organization is primarily to increase the efficiency of work and to accelerate the delivery of the product to the customer. Although there are at least several ways to conduct an “agile transformation”, the success will ultimately always depend on changing the way the organization operates.