There Are Things Known, and Things Unknown, and In Between Are the Doors
Jim Morrison

New Technologies

Do you think that everything that could be invented has already been invented?

Allegedly, such words were uttered by Charles H. Duell, who once served as the United States Patent Commissioner at the Patent Office. It might seem logical that if there is at least one man in the world who has already seen all inventions, it could be Duell. Fortunately, as it turned out, these were just rumors that were denied by Samuel Sass.

The evolution of video game graphics

The 21st century has come, known as the era of advanced technology. This is the era of 8K images, the era of incredible digital graphics. Our grandparents look at modern screens in disbelief, where the image seems almost real. In the era of digitization, games have also appeared, more and more modern and more realistic. It is these games that we have decided to devote to today’s article. We will present you a fragment of the evolution of video game graphics in recent years.


Dear Programmer, who better than you to know how important it is to keep up with technology trends? One of the most fashionable topics and at the same time the most dynamically developing field of IT is currently artificial intelligence and although the topic of AI is a bottomless well, today we will focus primarily on machine learning. 

Evolution of data carriers throughout history

If you associated the title of this article with a history lesson – rightly so. The first entities that meet the definition of a data carrier existed long before the appearance of man, we are talking about RNA and DNA.

By definition, a data carrier can be a physical object that allows information to be written and read. Each medium is characterized by a specific recording density resulting from its physical properties.

Be a better version of yourself every day – about development in the IT industry

Becoming a programmer is not easy at all, it is even more difficult to stay in the constantly rushing IT world. Anyone from the industry knows how important development is in this profession. The technological world is still pushing through, the expectations as to the knowledge of various solutions are enormous, both on the part of employers and employees.

Real stupidity will always defeat artificial intelligence – about the dangers and benefits

As it happens in life – what for some people is a vision of a better tomorrow brings trouble to others. It is difficult to clearly define what the labor market will look like in a few years, but we decided to try to face the hypothetical consequences and opportunities that the implementation of AI-based technology brings. Let’s get started!

3 mistakes you’d rather avoid as a beginner programmer

Learning to programming is a process that never ends. As always, when it comes to learning, the most difficult are the beginnings. As a Junior you are flooded with information, advice on where to start, what technologies to choose, which courses are the best… However, one rarely talks about what to do so as not to put your ardor to the test. Interested?

Source codes will survive even the real end of the world

Did you ever think that the end of the world could really happen to us? 

The fact is that over the past 25 years we have probably survived at least three … What if another proved to be the real one? Microsoft has found a solution that will help survivors rebuild the world. 

Virtual Reality – a fad or a necessity?

According to IDC, global spending on augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR) will reach USD 18.8 billion in 2020, which means an increase of 78.5% compared to USD 10.5 billion forecast for 2019. IDC adds that expenditure on AR / VR products and services will be characterized by strong growth in the years 2019-2023, with a CAGR ratio of 77.0%.

What the digitization is?

The history of digitization is relatively short, which is why both the understanding of the issue and many of its components are still subject to crystallization and definition in logical and terminological aspects. In particular, this applies to the very term ‘digitization’.