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HR Tips

We want you to have it all

Since you are here, there is probably something in your life that you would like to change. Did you go out of shape during quarantine? Does remote work mean you spend half the day in bed? Or maybe you are starting to learn a foreign language for the third year without success? But you probably still find countless excuses for every solution.

We have two pieces of information for you: good and bad. The bad news is that we can’t make your dreams come true for you. Good – the right approach will increase your chances of success several times. Interested?

What keeps developers from changing jobs?

Every change in a person’s life is inherently connected with the necessity to leave the comfort zone. A change in employment is often accompanied by uncertainty, stress, and a lack of a sense of stability. However, while remaining in the sphere of security we know, we often take away the opportunity to develop and gain new experiences. Why is it so difficult for us to make this decision even now, in the age of dynamic changes? What doubts then accompany programmers?

Programmers: who you really are? We debunk eight of the most popular myths

Today we will talk about stereotypes, the most repeated opinions in the community. No industry is free from them, each type of employee carries its burden in the form of a stereotype. We, as HR ladies, drink a lot of coffee, do not call back Candidates and we persistently celebrate all name days;) Today, however, I would like to touch on the topic of the most frequently heard opinions about programmers.

Get Ready!

After all, nothing can last forever – a few words about how to facilitate your return from vacation

Regardless of whether you are visiting the farthest corners of the world, or perhaps you are watching the charms of the Polish countryside, one thing is certain – your vacation will end soon. If your supervisor haunts you in a dream and the return to your daily duties simply overwhelms you, we suggest a solution. Unfortunately, we don’t know how to get you a few extra days off, but we know how to make it easier for you to return to work.

Nobody lives only work

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen a wonderful computer mouse that was supposed to make it difficult for the owner to work overtime. If you missed this funny video, we encourage you to visit our Facebook profile. However, today we will look closely at the problem of workaholism.

3 mistakes you’d rather avoid as a beginner programmer

Learning to programming is a process that never ends. As always, when it comes to learning, the most difficult are the beginnings. As a Junior you are flooded with information, advice on where to start, what technologies to choose, which courses are the best… However, one rarely talks about what to do so as not to put your ardor to the test. Interested?

Before the aliens built the pyramids

Running a company nowadays generates huge amounts of stress. Managing a large number of diverse projects can cause various types of problems, but also give a chance to invent some creative solutions, such as work methodology. Management methodologies were usually mentioned in the IT industry, but they are increasingly being translated into other areas of work or study. How are projects currently managed? Is the  management methodology important?

Tattoos in the Workplace

If you have even one in a visible place, you have certainly heard the unrefined remarks addressed to you about your probably criminal past and the doubtfully bright future. The elders of the family almost collapsed at the sight of the work of art for which you spent a fortune, and your mother cried her eyes mumbling incomprehensible content between disappointment glances.

Remote work – not as black as it is painted

The current situation is a challenge for both Entrepreneurs and Employees. Many of us face challenges that we have not encountered so far – one of them is remote work.

3 most desirable soft skills, not only in IT industry

In the current labor market, education and knowledge of techniques and technology are no longer enough. Candidates personality, soft skills, motivation, company and team fitting also play a key role.