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Finding a new job: step 3 – Let me like you!

You are in an honorable group of candidates invited to the first stage of the recruitment interview. Just at the thought of what awaits you, your skin suffers, and your hands sweat? You are not mistaken in thinking that the most difficult thing is ahead of you, but hey! They chose you because of your experience, just don’t screw it up!

Recruitment processes – meeting with critics

What to do in a situation where the responsiveness to posted job offers is surprisingly low? Candidates do not deign to answer calls or, worst of all, do not come to the meetings they have arranged. They criticize employers, often have unreal requirements …

Finding a new job: step 2 -Let me find you!

After reading our previous article, you feel that you deserve a black belt in creating your CV. You are the undisputed master of selfadvertising and nothing will stop you from making a stunning impression even on the most terrible Lady of HR. However, days go by,  changes into weeks, and the perfect job has not yet found you. You don’t know how it happened.

What makes a workplace attractive?

Currently, we are facing an employee market phenomenon in the ICT sector. In practice it means a surplus of jobs comparing to the number of potential employees. The fight for the best talents, among specialists in the field of modern technologies, is going on. In order to attract and engage IT experts, organizations are extremely active.

The job offers – dear Employer, do you know what do IT Candidates expect?

What do the Candidates – IT Specialists, pay attention to? What makes a job offer really attractive? What influences the decision to participate in recruitment for a given position? There are several significant aspects, that make one job offer encouraging to apply, while another causes “swiping left”.

Where in the world is it the most profitable to work in the IT industry?

Due to the development of modern technologies and demographic changes, the rate of professional mobility in the world is increasing. People are more and more open to work in a neighboring city or in another corner of the globe. This is mainly due to economic reasons, the need to adapt to a specific market or the need for development. When it comes to finding a job, today’s world is open to us.

Finding a new job: step 1 – Let me know you!

You have sent your CV wherever you could. Why aren’t they calling? You have impressive experience and finished good college. Maybe you didn’t show how interesting you are in your resume? Read our article and learn how to do it right, to make yourself recognizable to the headhunters.