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Jim Morrison

Digital Transformation

new.doors starts cooperation with Billennium.

new.doors has established cooperation with Billennium, a Polish company providing innovative business solutions in the IT sector.

Development prospects for the Polish ICT industry until 2025 – Report by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

The Council of Ministers adopted the Strategy for responsible development until 2025. The main assumption of the program is “steady increase in productivity through building framework conditions for better self-organization of technological and industrial ecosystems of the economy”. The shape of the future Polish economy will be determined by three progressive revolutions – energy, bio-economic and digital.

The concept of Long Life Learning – does it make any sense?

Do you think lifelong learning is necessary? Today’s world is constantly changing, forcing us to quickly adapt to reality. Along with the development of modern technologies, changes are particularly visible on the labor market. Currently, the most dynamic sector on the labor market is IT.

Industry 4.0 – a new industrial and scientific era

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things… More and more often we have contact with these technologies, but we do not always know why they have become so popular so quickly?

The impact of the new technologies to the labor market

Due to the development of artificial intelligence and progressive automation, the labor market is changing in terms of the demand for specific employees. There are two aspects of the digitization of work. The first one is the danger of increasing the scale of unemployment, while the second is the hope for economic growth of companies, bringing positive impact to the employees.