There Are Things Known, and Things Unknown, and In Between Are the Doors
Jim Morrison

Company news

We’re all in this together!

The last time has proved demanding for each of us. Stress caused by uncertainty, fear for our and our loved ones’ security, disinformation or chaos associated with depressing news from everywhere. Although we are separated from the next stage of thawing the economy, which is a great unknown in the air, you can already feel the spring – the ice will soon begin to melt.

Tattoos in the Workplace

If you have even one in a visible place, you have certainly heard the unrefined remarks addressed to you about your probably criminal past and the doubtfully bright future. The elders of the family almost collapsed at the sight of the work of art for which you spent a fortune, and your mother cried her eyes mumbling incomprehensible content between disappointment glances.

Remote work – not as black as it is painted

The current situation is a challenge for both Entrepreneurs and Employees. Many of us face challenges that we have not encountered so far – one of them is remote work.

Twoje kalendarium 2020 – część I

Stworzone przez nas zestawienie wydarzeń branżowych budzących zainteresowanie zarówno wobec Seniorów jak i hobbystów. My pokazujemy Ci możliwości, Ty decydujesz, gdzie się pojawisz.

new.doors starts cooperation with Billennium.

new.doors has established cooperation with Billennium, a Polish company providing innovative business solutions in the IT sector.

Meet Monika Ciesielska / CEO at new.doors

Meet Monika Ciesielska, CEO at new.doors. The main mode in our machine, the brain of operations, capo di tutti capi 😉

new.doors starts cooperation with BlueSoft

new.doors has signed the agreement with the BlueSoft, an innovative software house consisting of 650 consultants working for more than 80 Clients around the globe.

What makes a workplace attractive?

Currently, we are facing an employee market phenomenon in the ICT sector. In practice it means a surplus of jobs comparing to the number of potential employees. The fight for the best talents, among specialists in the field of modern technologies, is going on. In order to attract and engage IT experts, organizations are extremely active.

Meet Aleksandra Wrońska / International IT Recruiter at new.doors

Meet Aleksandra Wrońska, International IT Recruiter at new.doors. Although Ola is working with us only since few months, she quickly became an integral part of our team.

Meet Julia Sulińska / International IT Recruiter at new.doors

Meet Julia Sulińska, International IT Recruiter at new.doors. Julia is the nexus linking IT Specialists with our Clients. She coordinates the recruitment process, leads negotiations and conducts interviews.