There Are Things Known, and Things Unknown, and In Between Are the Doors
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Lucrative business at the expense of the unaware victims – Cryptojacking

The report entitled Threat Landscape Trends shows that in the second quarter of 2020 the number of cryptojacking attacks increased significantly – compared to the previous one by as much as 163%! According to Symantec, the author of the study, the results are very surprising. Why? Most experts unanimously stated that this type of solution is not very popular among hackers and the number of attacks should definitely decrease.

Real stupidity will always defeat artificial intelligence – about the dangers and benefits

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As it happens in life – what for some people is a vision of a better tomorrow brings trouble to others. It is difficult to clearly define what the labor market will look like in a few years, but we decided to try to face the hypothetical consequences and opportunities that the implementation of AI-based technology brings. Let’s get started!

What keeps developers from changing jobs?

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Every change in a person’s life is inherently connected with the necessity to leave the comfort zone. A change in employment is often accompanied by uncertainty, stress, and a lack of a sense of stability. However, while remaining in the sphere of security we know, we often take away the opportunity to develop and gain new experiences. Why is it so difficult for us to make this decision even now, in the age of dynamic changes? What doubts then accompany programmers?