There Are Things Known, and Things Unknown, and In Between Are the Doors
Jim Morrison



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Dear Programmer, who better than you to know how important it is to keep up with technology trends? One of the most fashionable topics and at the same time the most dynamically developing field of IT is currently artificial intelligence and although the topic of AI is a bottomless well, today we will focus primarily on machine learning. 

Evolution of data carriers throughout history

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If you associated the title of this article with a history lesson – rightly so. The first entities that meet the definition of a data carrier existed long before the appearance of man, we are talking about RNA and DNA. By definition, a data carrier can be a physical object that allows information to be written and read. Each medium is characterized by a specific recording density resulting from its physical properties.

Be a better version of yourself every day – about development in the IT industry

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Becoming a programmer is not easy at all, it is even more difficult to stay in the constantly rushing IT world. Anyone from the industry knows how important development is in this profession. The technological world is still pushing through, the expectations as to the knowledge of various solutions are enormous, both on the part of employers and employees.