There Are Things Known, and Things Unknown, and In Between Are the Doors
Jim Morrison


The impact of the new technologies to the labor market


Due to the development of artificial intelligence and progressive automation, the labor market is changing in terms of the demand for specific employees. There are two aspects of the digitization of work. The first one is the danger of increasing the scale of unemployment, while the second is the hope for economic growth of companies, bringing positive impact to the employees.

Becoming a Master of Agility


Agile transformations have been the dominant trend in the IT industry for a few good years, and according to some, considered as a necessity. The purpose of implementing Agile to the organization is primarily to increase the efficiency of work and to accelerate the delivery of the product to the customer. Although there are at least several ways to conduct an “agile transformation”, the success will ultimately always depend on changing the way the organization operates.

new.doors recruits for Software Development Center of Seliro


new.doors signs with Seliro, Swedish company operating from a uniquely strong position when it comes to providing first class software for telecom operators, system integrators and ODMs, enabling new networking and IoT related business offerings to end-users.