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Since you are here, there is probably something in your life that you would like to change. Did you go out of shape during quarantine? Does remote work mean you spend half the day in bed? Or maybe you are starting to learn a foreign language for the third year without success? But you probably still find countless excuses for every solution. We have two pieces of information for you: good and bad. The bad news is that we can’t make your dreams come true for you. Good – the right approach will increase your chances of success several times. Interested?

The evolution of video game graphics

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The 21st century has come, known as the era of advanced technology. This is the era of 8K images, the era of incredible digital graphics. Our grandparents look at modern screens in disbelief, where the image seems almost real. In the era of digitization, games have also appeared, more and more modern and more realistic. It is these games that we have decided to devote to today’s article. We will present you a fragment of the evolution of video game graphics in recent years.