There Are Things Known, and Things Unknown, and In Between Are the Doors
Jim Morrison


Finding a new job: step 3 – Let me like you!

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You are in an honorable group of candidates invited to the first stage of the recruitment interview. Just at the thought of what awaits you, your skin suffers, and your hands sweat? You are not mistaken in thinking that the most difficult thing is ahead of you, but hey! They chose you because of your experience, just don’t screw it up!

You simply rock! We only suggest how to achieve that.

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Have you ever had a dream, that made you want to turn your whole life upside down? A vision of you being the Lord of your fate … or at least of your business. A dream of your product turning out to be revolutionary, and you – enjoying the luxury life till the day you die. A dawn came and it brought the conviction, that this vision is not detached from reality at all. After all, we both know, that you deserve great success and more delicious coffee than the one served in your office!

Recruitment processes – meeting with critics

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What to do in a situation where the responsiveness to posted job offers is surprisingly low? Candidates do not deign to answer calls or, worst of all, do not come to the meetings they have arranged. They criticize employers, often have unreal requirements …